Previous on-site commemoration
 155th Anniversary 
Battle of Fort Stevens
July 13, 2019


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IMG_1142 Flag on a grave
IMG_1142 Flag on a grave

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Photos from 155th Anniversary Commemoration

By  Loretta Neumann, Carolivia Herron, Kym Elder, Bruce Fagin, Marvin Tupper Jones 

Commemoration History

The Fort Stevens commemoration is usually held annually by the National Park Service on the Saturday nearest the dates of the battle that occurred July 11-12, 1864. This was the only Civil War Battle that occurred in the Nation's Capital and the only time in the nation's history that a sitting President (Lincoln) has come under direct enemy fire. 

The battle engaged other Civil War Defenses, including Forts Reno, Bayard, DeRussy, Slocum, Totten and Bunker Hill. Sites around DC were all on high alert. After heavy fighting, the Confederate troops slipped off overnight to return to Virginia and, after many small battles and skirmishes, were finally defeated at the Battle of Cedar Creek in Oct. 1864.

Battleground National Cemetery, a few blocks north of Fort Stevens on Georgia Ave., holds the remains of 41 of the Union soldiers who died at Fort Stevens.


About Us

The Alliance to Preserve the Civil War Defenses of Washington (Alliance) is a private, non-profit association of people interested in the Civil War and historic preservation of the Civil War Defenses of Washington (Defenses or CWDW). The Alliance was incorporated as a District of Columbia non-profit corporation on June 13, 2008 and received its IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) tax exempt status on May 30, 2009.  Donations from "friends" are voluntary; there are no required membership dues.


The Board of Directors and Advisors consist of individual Civil War experts, historians,  scholars; representatives of Civil War groups, preservation and conservation organizations, neighborhood associations, citizen activists, and other interested persons. The Alliance has an Advisory Board of historians,  representing Civil War organizations, preservation and environmental groups, and well-known scholars.

157th Anniversary
Battle of Fort Stevens
July 10, 2021


 The Alliance funded and organized this year's commemoration under permit with the National Park Service.  It was a success!  Here are a few photos.  For more, please go to our Facebook page:           

IMG_4106 Soldiers practicing drill.JPG
IMG_3990 Peter & Visitors.JPG
IMG_3962 Tom Sneeringer playing bugle.JPG
IMG_4017 Pat Tyson.JPG
IMG_4079 Bryan Cheeseboro speaking (2).JPG
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About the Forts

Learn more about the history of the many earthworks in the Civil War Defenses of Washington--why they were built,  who they were named for, where they are located, and if you can still see and visit them today.

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The Alliance works to preserve, protect, interpret, and promote the Civil War Defenses of Washington for all visitors to enjoy and to assure their preservation for generations to come. YOU CAN HELP TOO.


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Information about the annual Battle of Fort Stevens anniversary commemoration, guided tours and hikes of the Civil War Defenses of Washington, lectures, and more.

Photos by Loretta Neumann

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